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Why Choose Alarms Unlimited For A Wireless Security System?

There are several reasons why certain homeowners prefer wireless alarm systems over traditional alarm systems.


  • Easy self-installation or have professionally installed
  • No drilling holes into your walls and no need for fishing wires throughout your home.
  • Design your wireless home security system with ease and locate your home security system devices anywhere you want.
  • Your home security system is portable – simply take it with you if you move!
  • Easily add additional devices to your security system.
  • Expandable to complete home automation system.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a renter, or you’ve eliminated your home phone landline altogether, the benefits of a wireless home security make going wireless the ideal solution.


Build Your Own Security System with These Additions:

Best Wireless Home Security Components New Jersey

Affordable HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS NJHome Rental or Home Ownership

Although this might not occur to you right away, a key factor in choosing a home security system is whether you rent or own a home, which will help determine whether you invest in a wired or wireless system. A wireless system is one that is not wired directly to the home’s landline, and it is a much better pick for someone who rents their home. If you decide to move in the future, you can unplug your wireless security system, pack it up and take it to your new home with ease. A wired system, on the other hand, typically stays with the house. If you own your own home and have no plans to move, you can choose either a wireless or a wired security system.


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